“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney

Be a Winner!

  • What would happen if you achieve the results, success and fulfillment you dream of?

  • Do you want to improve your life, relationships and income?

  • Are you making a living or designing a life?  

  • What legacy are you giving to your family and the world?

Create Results:

  • Mega Coaching for personal and professional excellence
  • Design your Game Plan for Success to achieve any goal
  • Break through any limitation or obstacle
  • Effective communication and rewarding relationships
  • Master Presentation Skills
  • Super Sales Strategies
  • Creative Business Development 
  • Constant and Never Ending Improvement


 To Inspire and Empower People to Actualize Their Full Potential


Financial Consultant
The MEGA Coach

Lee Papier specializes as a Wealth Advisor providing financial analysis and strategies for wealth maximization, retirement and college funding. He provides effective financial solutions that guarantee protection, security and financial freedom.

With a B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester and an MBA in Finance/HR Management from the University of San Diego, Lee served as Vice President of M.J. Papier & Co., an investment banking company for 10 years and also as an account executive in the investment firms of Smith Barney and Shearson Lehman Bros on Wall Street.

In addition, Lee is a business and life coach in the motivation and inspiration field. For 30 years he has studied what truly motivates human beings and his life work focuses on inspiring and empowering people to actualize their full potential.

Lee co-founded POA International (The Power of Acknowledgement) with Michael J. Wyman. This seminar company inspired people to learn and master the art of acknowledgment and communication and to live their dreams. Lee and Michael served as motivational coaches with the New York Rangers Hockey Team working with Craig Patrick.

Lee also founded Insights to Excellence, Inc., a training and seminar company for individuals, teams and companies to achieve maximum communication, productivity, profitability and success.

Lee moved to Newport Beach, California to launch a public, Travel Company that grew sales to over $50 million in less than 2 years with over 1 million retail travel customers and 40,000 sales representatives.

His blog,"Have a Magnificent Day!" empowers people to make each day a masterpiece and is featured on BeliefNet.com, one of the largest websites for inspiration and spirituality.

Lee's most recent project, The MEGA Coach, inspires college graduates to achieve their potential and secure a job in today's challenging economy. www.themegacoach.com


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